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Not An Average Trip to the Doctor

November 18, 2019

Summit Releaf Facility

No one likes going to the doctor.  Besides routine checkups, visiting the doctor means something in our body isn’t functioning the way we want it to function.  Then we add on all the mini stresses like traffic on our way to the appointment, mounds of paperwork and a rude receptionist and it is not terribly difficult to understand why going to the doctor doesn’t put a smile on your face.  We know these things because we know what it is like to be on the other side of the desk.  This is why our patient appointment times average less than forty minutes and the vast majority of our patients leave their appointment with their Ohio marijuana card in hand.

Medical marijuana is new and for many people still an intimidating prospect.  Many of our patients have been told since they were children about how scary and dangerous marijuana is.  An entire industry was developed in order to keep people as terrified as possible where it came to marijuana.  Fortunately, Ohioians decided back in 2016 to evolve their thinking about marijuana.  This has allowed the truth to shine through and people that may not have ever considered it are now able to make informed decisions without the scary propaganda.

Ohio leads the country in many things that should make us proud.  Opioid overdoses being three times higher than the national average should not be one of them.  We must do whatever we can to eliminate the stigma associated with medical marijuana use.  Knowledge is the first step in the right direction.  However, there are still impediments to getting the word out there.  Having a conversation with a physician that has been certified to recommend is a good start.  Hundreds of physicians have been certified to recommend here in Ohio, but none of them have the bedside manner of the physicians at Summit Releaf.  Don’t believe me?  Check out our reviews on Google, they speak for themselves.

Our oldest patient turns 97 years old within the month.  There are very few things that make us prouder here in the office than that fact.  At certain points of his life, this patient was told marijuana would potentially cause him to go into a catatonic state, could force him to lose his sight, or would make him violent and aggressive.  We now know none of these things are true but how could he have known that then?  Fortunately, he had a family member that was patient and listened to his objections.  They countered his concerns with facts that helped erase the propaganda that had taken root in his mind.  Today he is enjoying a life made much more enjoyable with medical marijuana.

Patients have many choices in NorthEast Ohio when it comes to medical marijuana clinics.  They choose Summit Releaf because they know they will always hear a live person on the phone when they call, their experience with the physician will help remove any anxieties they may be facing, and the people at the front desk will treat them with kindness and dignity they deserve.   We know you are sick, we know you are in pain.  Our goal is to get you the care you deserve when you are feeling most vulnerable and hundreds and hundreds of our patients can tell you we mean business.

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