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Thanksgiving 2019

November 25, 2019

Thanksgiving Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!! We hope that this post finds you happy, warm and safe, surrounded by friends and family.  Thanksgiving is the time of year where we reflect on all of the things that make our lives worth living.  In Ohio, we are thankful for many things including the voters that decided all the way back in 2016 to allow patients that suffer from one of the twenty one qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana legally.

In its first year of eligibility, Ohio has seen thousands and thousands of its citizens embrace a non traditional approach to dealing with their chronic pain, among other conditions.  We are very proud of the role we played in helping so many people combat their conditions without using opioid prescriptions.  From Akron to Cleaveland to Canton to Wadsworth and back we have helped so many people take steps to mitigating their exposure to opioid pain relievers.

Additionally, we are thankful for all of the people that help make the medical marijuana industry work.  From the growers that painstakingly raise the crops in compliance with all of the state guidelines, to the testers that make sure no shortcuts were taken in production and insure only the best medicine is available to Ohio’s consumers and on to the dispensaries themselves.  Workers at the dispensaries are an integral part of making the entire system function.  They help patients understand things that they never knew before all while helping to educate them on so many wonderful options available.  From flower to tincture to creams and balms, Ohio’s dispensary workers make it their mission to help as many patients as possible.

One thing for which it is important to give thanks is for the people that have worked so hard to get medical marijuana to the place it is here in 2019.  Generations of people of all stripes have worked diligently, putting their lives (and in many cases freedoms) on the line so we can use marijuana in a medical context.  While today the idea of “Reefer Madness” seems like some bizarre nightmare we have to remember that there are still states that do not recognize the medical benefits of marijuana and criminalize it very substantially.  We must always remember that those that came before us were willing to look critically at something that should never have been criminalized in the first place.  This is an important lesson for the way we consume information.  We must analyze the facts before we make decisions and never let ourselves be led astray by false narratives and propaganda.  So much of our life is now governed by the things we see on television and social media that we must endeavor to be clear in our understanding of facts and make decisions on facts alone.

Finally, we are grateful for all of our wonderful patients that have helped us become Northeast Ohio’s premier clinic for medical marijuana and the best place around to receive your Ohio marijuana card.  Our patients are truly an eclectic group.  From young to old, wealthy to just scraping by, our patients defy genre.  We have had patients that were raised to appreciate marijuana for its medicinal properties from a very early age and patients that changed their approach over many years.  The look in people’s faces when they finally experience relief from dogged pain and strife that they just couldn’t seem to get from opioid pain relievers brings a smile to our faces.

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