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September 28, 2020

Green Cross

For many people visiting a dispensary feels like a dream come true; products they never imagined are not only real but available for immediate purchase.  Cannabis neophytes on the other hand, may find the experience overwhelming and maybe even a bit frightening.  This blog post will serve as an introduction into what a trip to the cannabis dispensary will entail as well a primer on some of the various products that the dispensary has to offer.

By the time a medical marijuana patient is ready to take a trip to the dispensary they have already spent time with a physician learning the basics of how medical marijuana may complement their existing care strategy in dealing with their qualifying condition.  The patient has also navigated the online registration process and downloaded their medical marijuana card from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy web portal.

As of the writing of this blog post there are more than fifty various medical marijuana dispensaries spread throughout Ohio.  Each dispensary is staffed with knowledgeable people more than willing to help explain the various products along with their benefits and drawbacks.  Patients are encouraged to call the dispensary they wish to visit first and arrange to speak individually with a staff member in order to keep good social distancing practices as well as create the ability to speak about personal health matters.

Upon the first trip to a new medical marijuana dispensary all patients are required to complete a document that gives the dispensary a bit of information regarding the patient.  Information collected includes, but may not be limited to; name, address, physician that recommended the medical marijuana card, date of birth and phone number/email address.  Once that information has been collected patients are encouraged to wait in the lobby until a staff member is available to assist the patient with their purchase.  It is important to note that unless a caregiver card has been registered, no one may accompany a patient past the lobby.  Each patient is entitled to two caregivers on their account and can be added by the physician that recommended the medical marijuana card.

Once a staff member is available the patient will be escorted through a portal that is kept locked at all times back to the display area.  Once in the display area a patient is made aware of all of the various products that are available at that particular dispensary.  Products such as flower, edibles, tinctures, creams, balms, oils, concentrates, and many other items will be available for purchase.  The staff member assisting you will patiently explain to you how each of the products are consumed and what the effects should be.  In subsequent blog posts we will investigate the various products available for purchase here in Ohio.

Once a patient has made their decision on what products they wish to purchase the staff member will total their order and place it in a sealed bag.  It is important that the patient not open the sealed bag until they have arrived back in their home.  It is also important to remember that Ohio’s medical marijuana dispensaries are limited to accepting cash only so patients should arrive with the appropriate amount of cash on hand to cover their purchase.

The following information is presented for educational purposes only. Summit Releaf distributes this information to provide an understanding of the potential benefits of medical marijuana for patients living with one of the approved Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program qualifying conditions for an Ohio marijuana card. Links to third party websites do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations by Summit Releaf and none should be inferred.

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