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February 1, 2021

While patients may have been using cannabis for years, those that take the step to receive their Ohio marijuana card may be surprised at the potency behind the products offered at Ohio’s dispensaries.  With that being said, unless the individual has a good familiarity with a cannabis dish or has an exact knowledge of the cannabis’ strength, they may not be able to predict how it affects them, regardless of their tolerance.  An ounce of OG Kush from one grower may have a dramatically different potency than an ounce from another cultivator.  This is because there are many things that dictate the potency of any strain of cannabis.  Environmental factors, growing conditions, and genetics are three of the chief variables that dictate the potency of any given strain.

Pacing can be difficult, especially when confronted with edibles that look and smell delicious.  Unfortunately, the only way to truly guard against over intoxication due to cannabis is to move slowly and wait at least ninety minutes before consuming anything additional.  Veterans of the industry suggest approaching cannabis in a similar manner to how one may approach consuming high proof alcohol.  No one with any sense would take large swigs from a bottle of vodka and expect to be able to function, why should consuming massive amounts of cannabis be any different?  This is not to say that the two substances are related or equally dangerous, merely that it is important to respect whatever substances a patient may think to consume.  When it comes to cannabis it is important to remember no one has died from an overdose of cannabis.  While cannabis is not toxic to human systems, (allergies notwithstanding), it may provoke an uncomfortable physical reaction, though the terror is only mental.  Even when anxiety is spiking it is important to remember that the situation is only temporary.

Chris Kilham, author of Ganja Road writes, “Remember the guidelines of set and setting.  Set is your state of mind.  If you’re in a reasonably balanced mental condition, then that may be a good time to use cannabis. If you’re feeling out of sorts, paranoid or on edge, it is probably an excellent time to abstain.  And don’t rely on it to help you beat depression, or cure your problems.  It won’t.  Setting is your environment.  Pick a nice place to relax, listen to music, or do something fun and non-dangerous.  Enjoy the experience.  Cannabis offers a delightful reverie when used properly.”

Keep a journal of the products that have been tried and products that have not yet been tried but are on the radar.  If possible, write down the date, time, cultivator, how much was consumed, what the effect was, and which dispensary sold the product that was purchased.  Over time, patterns will reveal themselves that demonstrate a variety of preferences as well as how vastly different batches can be, even when grown by the same cultivator.  As a good rule of thumb, consider any food made with cannabis to be potent, and eat it that way.

The following information is presented for educational purposes only. Summit Releaf distributes this information to provide an understanding of the potential benefits of medical marijuana for patients living with one of the approved Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program qualifying conditions for an Ohio marijuana card. Links to third party websites do not constitute an endorsement of these organizations by Summit Releaf and none should be inferred.

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