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Symptom Management: Cancer

September 8, 2021

Managing symptoms for cancer is one of the most difficult things a person can do. Due to this, modern medicine continues development in all directions, one of which is cannabis. In the past two decades, symptom management through the use of cannabis remains rapidly developing, with oil extractions only coming into common development in the early 2000’s. With Ohio’s medical program growing stronger by the day, this has opened the door to new avenues of treatment through a safely monitored system. As cancer is a qualifying condition, an Ohio medical cannabis card allows patients to treat common cancer symptoms with cannabis. No matter what method a patient chooses to pursue, the benefits are clear and actionable.

What are the common treatment methods?

Managing symptoms for cancer with medical cannabis is often broken down into three common methods of consumption and treatment;

  1. Vaporizing of dry herb: Whether it be the full spectrum or the non-psychoactive CBD variant, vaporization of dry herb is one of the most common and immediate ways to dose.
  2. Edible consumption: Edible cannabis, also referred to as “edibles”, is the most accurate way to dose. For a new patient, 1-5 mg in the form of any medically validated edible has systematically been proven to assist in appetite, sleep issues, and chronic pain.
  3. Extracts and tinctures: Though relatively new, these forms of cannabis have swept the world with their potency and ease of use. A tincture is a cannabis dosed liquid, often used sublingually, or under the tongue, for it’s immediate symptom relief. 

What Symptoms are most commonly treated?

The symptoms that are treated by cannabis are a wide variety, particularly dependent on what your personal ailment and method of dosage. Though cannabis is all the same compound, different methods of consumption often yield different effects. Vaporized cannabis, whether it be through an oil or flower, has held up conclusively in it’s anti-nausea ability for many chronic pains, including the recovery of chemotherapy. Edibles, and all other forms of cannabis, share this proven anti-nausea ability. Beyond anti-nausea, appetite, sleep issues, and chronic pain are all common symptoms that are alleviated.

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