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Symptom Management: Irritable Bowel Disease

November 23rd, 2021

Irritable bowel disease, or IBS, is a very common disorder among adults in the United States. At a national rate of 10-15% of the population having mild to severe IBS, this is a pressing and relatable issue to anyone suffering from the disease. With a plethora of treatment options available, cannabis may be one of the most effective available to sufferers right now.

The treatment of IBS with cannabis formerly primarily relied upon for its anti-nausea ability in safe doses, reducing nausea in a whopping 7/10 individuals when utilizing cannabis. However, new research indicates full-spectrum medical cannabis may be the best way to help a suffering individual. Formerly, the concept was simple; THC makes people less nauseous, and thus addresses a major symptom of IBS. However, this was before the knowledge of CBD receptors in your digestive tract when it was formerly assumed to also have THC receptors. Thus, users can medicate successfully without any major psychoactive effects. Or, a patient has the ability to utilize both THC and CBD, to address nausea directly and address stomach pain directly. 

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