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If you are looking for a medical professional in Cleveland, OH to help determine if medical marijuana can help with your conditions, look no further. Here at Summit Releaf, we are a medical marijuana clinic specializing in evaluating and treating patients searching for marijuana to use as a medicine. Below, you can learn more about our medical marijuana card services. When you’re ready, feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with our medical marijuana doctors in Ohio!


About Us

At Summit Releaf, we have a team of experienced and friendly medical marijuana doctors ready to help you register for an Ohio marijuana card. We are the sole medical marijuana doctor clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and we always provide compassionate care to each one of our patients, no matter their medical marijuana needs. We also have thirteen other locations across Ohio for your convenience.

What We Offer

The medical marijuana doctors at our Summit Releaf location in Cleveland provide free consultations to help decide if medical marijuana is right for you. Additionally, if medical marijuana is determined to be a good treatment method, we can also help you with registering for your Ohio medical marijuana card. What’s more, we also offer follow-up appointments to monitor your treatment and determine any next steps and have telemedicine services available.

Why Choose Summit Releaf in Cleveland?

When you choose Summit Releaf medical marijuana clinic for your medical marijuana card, you will be helped by our experienced and friendly medical staff. We work hard to ensure all of our patients are satisfied and that you get the medical marijuana treatment you need, including an Ohio marijuana card. Plus, we offer free consultations to help you get started!

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Are you ready to get started with our medical marijuana doctors? View the list of medical conditions to see if you qualify for medical marijuana treatment, then contact our medical marijuana clinic to book a free consultation in Cleveland or online via telemedicine!

Qualifying Conditions*

Qualifying Conditions To Legally Obtain Medical Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana Cards

For patients looking for their initial card.

Marijana Card Renewal $125

For patients looking to renew their card.

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