Frequently Asked Questions

Summit Releaf – FAQs

What conditions make a patient eligible for medical marijuana in Ohio?

View the list of approved qualifying medical conditions defined by the state of Ohio.

How can new medical conditions be added?

The Commission shall establish and update the list of debilitating medical conditions for which medical marijuana certifications may be issued on an annual basis, consistent with current, peer-reviewed medical research.

How do I get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in the state of Ohio?

View the steps to receive a medical marijuana recommendation.

How long will my registration be valid?

Your Patient Registry/Dispensary ID Card will expire 360 days after issuance. We recommend scheduling your annual in-person follow-up 30 days prior to your card expiring each year.

Where can patients purchase medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries with Certificates of Operation

What forms of medical marijuana will be available?

According to Ohio law the following are approved forms of medical marijuana: oil, tincture, capsule, edibles, plant material, patches, lotions,  and creams or ointments for topical administration.  The law prohibits the use of medical marijuana by smoking or combustion but does allow for metered oil or solid preparation for vaporization (vaping).

How much medical marijuana can be purchased from the dispensary at one time?

A certified physician can recommend up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana with three refills (totaling up to 360-day supply if appropriate for the patient).

Is my personal information kept private? 

Protecting the privacy of our patients is very important to us. Summit Releaf follows all HIPAA guidelines.