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Processes and Fees

The Process

Summit Releaf is a medical clinic where patients in Ohio living with one of the approved qualifying medical conditions can take steps to be registered for their Ohio medical marijuana card. We understand that your time is valuable and want to make the process of getting your Ohio medical marijuana card easy and stress-free for qualifying patients. If you need any help, our patient support specialists and Ohio medical marijuana doctors are here to help guide you!

Get Pre-Screened

To get pre-screened, call (330) 926-6911 to speak with one of our Summit Releaf patient support specialists to begin your 3-minute initial phone screening. This will determine your pre-qualification status for an Ohio medical marijuana card. To ensure a smooth process, please be prepared to answer the following questions; name, qualifying condition, doctor and location currently treating the condition, whether your doctor is affiliated with a major hospital network (i.e. Cleveland Clinic or University Hospital systems), United States veteran or indigent status (if applicable).

Pre-Qualified Patients will need to accumulate:

– Accumulate medical records, DD 214, recent Social Security statement. (DD214 and Social Security Statement only necessary if filing for Veteran or Indigent status.

However, a DD214 and Social Security Statement are only necessary if filing for Veteran or Indigent status. If you have any more questions concerning our pre-screening process or other steps to getting your Ohio medical marijuana card in Ohio, contact our Summit Releaf team today!

See an Ohio Certified Doctor

To remain in compliance with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) you will have an in-person or Telehealth visit with an Ohio certified medical marijuana doctor. At Summit Releaf you will:

  • Receive a 30-minute in-person or Telehealth new patient consultation with our Summit Releaf team
  • One of our state-certified doctors will review your medical history, perform a physical evaluation and discuss the potential benefits and drawbacks of an Ohio medical marijuana card and whether it should be included in your healthcare regimen.

Some key items to remember to bring to ensure a smooth process are:

  • A valid form of identification
  • Ohio driver’s license
  • Ohio identification card issued by the Ohio (BMV)
  • Or a United States Passport

Don’t forget your payment is due at the time of your appointment. See BILLING section below for details.

Get Registered

Getting registered for your Ohio medical marijuana card doesn’t have to be difficult. Luckily, at Summit Relief, our years of experienceo help you get the relief your searching for. 

  • Following your new patient consultation and approval, we will send you an email. This will allow you to register your Ohio medical marijuana card through the Ohio Board of Pharmacy web portal.
  • Upon completion of your registration, you may save your card digitally or print it out to be carried on you.
Find a Dispensary

After receiving your patient registry Ohio medical marijuana card, you may purchase medical marijuana from an Ohio dispensary licensed by the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy. Only patients with an active registry card, an active Ohio marijuana certified physician recommendation, and their associated government-issued ID can purchase medical marijuana. Visit the OMMCP website to view a list of licensed Ohio dispensaries near you or contact our Ohio medical marijuana doctors today!

Follow-Up Care

Ohio law requires that your medical marijuana doctor in Ohio observes the effects of cannabis as a treatment. It’s also crucial to remember your Patient Registry/Dispensary ID Card will expire one year after issuance. We recommend scheduling your annual in-person follow-up 30 days before your card expires each year.

New Patients

At the time of your patient consultation, we will schedule your follow-up appointment during the 11th month of your card.

Schedule Your Appointment for Your Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio

Start your journey by meeting with a Summit Releaf Doctor to discuss how an Ohio marijuana card recommendation could help you live your best life.