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The process of determining whether an Ohio medical marijuana card will help treat your conditions begins with our Ohio medical marijuana doctors! Here at Summit Releaf, we can provide you with a consultation, pre-screening, and in-person or telehealth visit at our medical clinic. We are dedicated to helping you find the tools to live your best life, and that includes a stress-free process for qualifying patients. Read more to learn about our service areas.

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Top-Rated Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Our Ohio board-certified medical marijuana doctors have years of experience working with patients in the area. We are committed to helping you navigate the process from start to finish. From your first consultation to assist with registering for your medical marijuana card, to follow-up visits to make sure medical marijuana is helping with your treatment, Summit Releaf is the dedicated Ohio medical marijuana doctor that is here for you!

Why Choose Our Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Our medical staff at Summit Releaf aims to help you seek relief from your conditions. We understand that modern treatments are not a one-size-fits-all scenario, and believe that your health deserves a personalized care plan to help you find alternatives that work. We  provide the only locally owned medical marijuana office in Ohio. If you believe that a medical marijuana card may benefit the treatment of your qualifying condition, our state-certified medical marijuana doctors are here to support you!

Here at Summit Releaf, our mission is to help every person in Ohio that suffers from a qualifying condition receive their Ohio medical marijuana card through an affordable and streamlined process. If you live in our service areas, we are happy to help you begin the journey.
Qualifying Conditions*

Qualifying Conditions To Legally Obtain Medical Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana Cards

For patients looking for their initial card.

Marijana Card Renewal $125

For patients looking to renew their card.

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